Persontation is your one stop shop for presentations. Whatever you need: High-stakes keynotes speech and formal events. Modular presentations that address a variety of audiences. Viewer-guided and on-demand experiences. Or no slides at all – video, multimedia, infographics, and even whiteboards.

Persontation touches on all the components of a presentation: defining the approach, developing the content, writing the script, creating the visuals, and coaching the presenter.

Our Unique “3-STEP PERSONTATION” Offers:

1. PERSUASIVE CONTENT that empower you to strike an emotional chord with your audience through successful storytelling.

2. VISUAL IDENTITY that defines the design style with compelling themes, logic, and clarity.

3. EFFECTIVE SLIDES with sophisticated visual resources and animations to enthrall audience, promote understanding, and create impact.

Founded by Veronica Yushi Peng, Persontation is an award-winning presentation design & consulting firm that has created over 500 presentations for organisations and individuals around the globe.